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Tonysbo 30/04/2018 19h57

Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory BUG!!
Playing with Terry Bogard, I always encounter an ERROR or BUG that freeze the game after i win the fight against Jin Chonshu and even against Jin Chonrei, the last two bosses.

After Jin Chonshu (the red one) a meaningless phrase appears under the knocked down character freezeing all the game, that need to be restarted.
After Jin Chonrei i can't see the final because the game reset himself automatically.

That in Normal arcade mode (with credits) but also in neogeo Home mode(4 credits for player)
Somebody can help?? The rom need to be fixed or rewrited?
Thanks in advance! cry:

Firebrand 30/04/2018 21h55

From History.dat:

Note : If the game is set on the USA, ASIA or EUROPE bios, the game will reset after defeating Jin Chonrei and you won't get to see the ending, however if the game is set on the JAPAN bios it will work just fine!

Tonysbo 01/05/2018 10h13

Thank you Firebrand ! you have right ! I had all the history files for the mameui 185 but i never read about this problem ! I will give it a try !
Thanks again. ;D

Tonysbo 01/05/2018 11h03

What is the correct japanese bios to choose in the bios selection screen?
There are soo many type and i have never change them....
for example under bios selection:
there is Europe MVS ver.2 - Europe MVS ver.1- US MVS ver.2 ecc... ecc...

Maybe the correct one is JAPAN MVS ver.3 ???

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