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Lucas 13/10/2013 21h40

[AMIGA] Single-click Amiga games from
Just something we've been working on with the folks from, preconfigured Amiga games stored in a single EXE file ready to use right after start. :)

The request queue is currently on hold, but there will be more and more game releases soon and every request filled.

There's also a forum-place you can drop a hi or two.

FB Fan Page:

You can ask for a trainer to any "exe" :)

Lucas 28/10/2013 01h53

Updated Games:
+ X-It - fixed trainer for : energy (random loop), time (detonator bug), collision (dynamite)
+ Ugh! - added trainer, fixed black screen bug after pressing Q key
+ Zloty Medalion [ML]
+ Teenagent [PL]
+ Wings - added unique trainer

Lucas 24/11/2013 20h03

New App:
+ ProTracker (hell yeah!)

Updated Games:
+ Ciemna Strona [PL]
+ Bograts: The Puzzling Misadventure
+ Muscarine or Erica's Trip [ML]

Lucas 31/12/2013 04h01

EXE's UPDATED (v2.5 to v2.6)
+ Wild West [PL]
+ Hook [ML]
+ Fortuna [PL]
+ Logical
+ North and South [ML]
+ Sensible Golf
+ Yo! Joe!
+ Santa's Xmas Caper
+ Cannon Fodder 10in1 [ML]

New EXE's
+ Flight Of The Amazon Queen
+ Bump 'n' Burn
+ Miki [PL]
+ Home Alone

Happy New Year 2014 :D

Lucas 10/01/2014 22h10

New EXE's:
+ International Karate (Remastered)
+ Putty & Putty Squad

EXE Updated:
+ Lotus Trilogy

Lucas 28/03/2014 16h16

EXE UPDATED (v2.5 to v2.6; improved v2.6)
+ Prince of Persia [ML]
+ Rod-Land
+ Traps 'n' Treasures [ML]
+ Wings of Fury
+ Clystron
+ Nicky Boom Duology
+ Strip Poker 13in1
+ Robocop Trilogy
+ Mega Lo Mania
+ Settlers [ML]
+ Mortal Kombat Duology
+ Apidya
+ Superfrog
+ Qwak
+ Dune Duology
+ World Software Anthology [Franko, Doman, Draggy and Croco, Street Hassle] [PL]
+ Turrican Trilogy
+ Kajko i Kokosz :: Prihody z Galske Zeme [ML]
+ Rick Dangerous Trilogy
+ Zool Duology [Zool 2: fixed random freezing game]
+ The Black Lotus Demography [demoscene] [fixed Silkcut demo]

+ Scorched Tanks
+ One-On-One
+ Abandoned Places Duology
+ Nick Faldos Championship Golf
+ Flappy Bird
+ Solid Gold
+ Appendix Demography [demoscene]

Lucas 02/05/2014 20h09

EXE UPDATED (v2.5 to v2.6, improve v2.6)
+ Pinballs 21in1 (Pinball Dreams - fixed black screen bug after quit)
+ Moonstone A Hard Days Knight
+ 1869: History Experience Part I (ML)
+ Gear Works (Load/Save scores to HD!)

+ Zenek Saper (PL)
+ Alcatraz
+ Commando
+ Space Ace Duology
+ Kings Quest Anthology (ML)
+ Silent Service Duology

Mister DID 02/05/2014 22h25

merci c'est vraiment sympa comme idée.

spikespiegel 12/05/2014 22h10

Super, I tested under Windows 7, it works perfectly.:thumbup:

Lucas 04/05/2017 03h37


Envoyé par Anthrox
New/updated exes in 2017:
+ Aladdin.(v2.6)(1994)(Virgin)(+t)-TheCompany
+ Evils.Doom.(v2.6)(1996)(Olympia)-TheCompany
+ Universe.(v2.6)(ML)(1994)(Core.Design)-TheCompany
+ Wisielec.(v2.6)(PL)(1994)(MarkSoft)-TheCompany
+ Lure.of.the.Temptress.(v2.6)(ML)(1992)(Revolution)-TheCompany
+ UFO.Enemy.Unknown.(v2.6)(ML)(1994)(MicroProse)(+t)-TheCompany
+ Samurai.Showdown.Classiek.(v2.6)(1994)(Avante)-TheCompany
+ TwinWorld.(v2.6)(1989)(Blue.Byte)(+t)-TheCompany

Please see official FB Fanpage for more info:

The Company back! :D

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