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BisonSAS 06/04/2007 05h58

FB Alpha Release
Une nouvelle version de l ému FB Alpha:


  • Added driver for Bullet using Aaron's preliminary FD1094 key (bullet)
  • Added driver for Enduro Racer (enduror, enduror1, endurobl)
  • Added driver for Final Tetris (finalttr)
  • Added driver for Hang-On (hangon)
  • Added driver for SDI (sdi, sdib, sdibl, defense)
  • Added driver for Space Harrier (sharrier, sharrir1)
  • Added driver for Sukeban Jansi Ryuko (sjryuko, sjryuko1)
  • Added driver for Twin Adventure (twinadv, twinadvk)
  • Emulated the NVRAM for X-Board, Out Run, System 16B and System 16A drivers, although Out Run games don't seem to use it
  • Emulated the PPI I/O Chip and hooked it up for the System 16A and Out Run drivers
  • Fixed a bug in the System 16 Tilemap rendering (fixes Golden Axe, Wrestle War and some others)
  • Optimisations to the graphics rendering in the System 16, Out Run and X-Board drivers
  • Added an interface to the YM2203 FM sound core
  • Added mahjong controls to the default assignment routine and updated the mahjong games to use it
  • Fixed savestate support in some Cave drivers [BisonSAS]
  • Various driver cleanups [BisonSAS]
  • Improved the rom verify feature and moved the define to the makefile
  • Updated some unicode titles [BisonSAS]
  • Updated sets to match MAME 0.114


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