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Mimic news.

Le site de Mimic à été mis à jour avec des screenshots et information sur Thunderblade et after burner.

System X: Figured out the sprite zooming. It was a simple matter of ignoring the source that is out there and use trial and error I came up with a way to double the resolution of the sprites, but this would only improve the scaled down sprites and therefore would not remove the blockyness of the stretched sprites, so its not worth doing.
I still need to do the sprite flipping and road layer. Some of the sprites are not appearing, and Thunderblade looks wrong. This is probably because I am not emulating the compare chip, yet.
WTF does IRQ2 do? I mean I get the same results whether I emulate it or not...hmmm....
Also, as far as sound goes: I have found my problem with the DAC...Creative Labs' drivers for the Sound Blaster Live! ! I can use DMA mode but not direct mode. DAMN! The first System 16/X release will probably have no sound
That's enough for tonight...I'm off to bed
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