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WiiStation - émulateur Sony PlayStation

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    Wiistation est un émulateur PSX qui fonctionne sur la Wii. C'est une branche de l'émulateur WiiSX mais avec de grandes améliorations telles que :
    Incorporating the CDROM and CDRISO codes from PCSX-ReARMed, the compatibility of the system has been greatly improved. Many games that could not be run or had problems before can be run now.

    CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) tracks & multi-tracks support.

    Incorporating the timer codes from PCSX-ReARMed.

    Combined the DFSound module from PCSX-ReARMed and used the SDL library. The sound quality of the system has been greatly improved.

    Adding the new, updated PSX dynamic recompiler Lightrec by pcercuei, the speed/performance of the emulation is greatly improved. The original old (and fixed/improved) PPC dynarec is kept as an option in case compatibility or speed changes much.

    240p support!

    Interlace mode support - renders the games to a resolution close to the real PSX hardware (480i mode), which gives full speed to 480i games!

    Posibility of enabling/disabling bilinear, trap, and deflicker filters!

    PS1 Lightguns support! Both Namco GunCon and Konami Justifier lightguns are supported and emulated with the Wiimotes! (Needs to be enabled in emulator settings and calibrate them by using the in-game calibration screen)

    PS1 Multitap support! With options for enabling them on both Port 1 and Port 2, supports up to 8 players. (Needs to be enabled in emulator settings and controllers need to be set for use the Multitap adequately)

    CHD v1-v5 compressed format support with the libchdr library.

    Support for multiple languages. At first, I wanted to refer to Snes9x GX and support TTF font library. However, it encountered a memory leak problem, resulting in automatic exit. So it can only be made into a specific font. Font char information: first two byte: BigEndianUnicode char code, followed by a character picture in IA8 format with a size of 24 * 24.

    For some customized Chinese culture games, specific BIOS is automatically loaded. For example: sd:\wiisxrx\isos\武藏传.ISO => sd:\wiisxrx\bios\武藏传.bin

    Other minor corrections, such as disc changing (swap) and automatic fixes (autoFix functions) for some games.

    ※※※ Note: It reads a font file in a fixed location, so make sure that [sd:/wiisxrx/fonts/chs.dat] exists ※※※
    Il existe la version officielle et la version améliorée de saulfabregwiivc qui intègre la compatibilité avec les fichiers CHD et l'émulation Lightgun

    Les auteurs supposent que la compatibilité avec les jeux représente près de 90 % du catalogue total PSX.