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    Can anyone help me with my problem ? I want to convert Amiga500 rom images to working disks for my A500 ..

    (kinda the opposite of what is done to create the roms I guess)

    Any help is really appreciated !!!!


    Well I'm a bit further with my pc-to-amiga adventure but again stranded, I use Amiga Forever 4.0
    Below for starters the wire configuration, it's a null modem serial cable that starts from the com1 (mouse) serial port of my pc, to a mini adapter that changes it to fit my null modem adapter I use to fit on the amiga serial port.

    Pic of cable below :

    All good and well, I click right on the "Amiga Computer" shortcut on the desktop and choose "setup", it tells me to make sure of some settings amiga side, which are done and saved on the workbench 1.3 disk (amiga500).

    Then after choosing "no" to inidicate I have a lower then 2.0 kickstart/workbench it asks me to enter a line in the shell/cli of the amiga (Type SER: To RAM:Setup) I do this the amiga loads a bit then stops, I click ok on the pc site and it seems to copy stuff to the amiga (this it didn't do without the null modem adapter, when I put the null modem adapter there it did it what I think is correctly)

    Then it asks me to press ctrl+c and after a few seconds "*break*" should appear on the amiga side, this does NOT happen, pressed ctrl+c a thousand times nothinghappens at all, then if I press ok on the pc side it tries to copy the actual files and after a while gives me "COM Port Error"

    That's it I looked at the preferences of the amiga shortcut and it's at "COM1' which I think is logical (only choices are COM1 and TCP/IP)

    Can anyone help me further please All I want to do is write ADF files from my pc to working amiga floppy disks...

    Huge tnx in advance !


      Have you setup the COM port on PC an Amiga ? you must have 9600 bps, 8N1 on both computer.
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