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    la v 5.2.0 de RetroBat est disponible =)

    Les changements:

    – Fixed A and B (south and east) button inversion when configuring a controller in EmulationStation
    – Fixed OpenBOR controls injection
    – .tzx extension for ZXSpectrum was incorrectly set in es_systems file
    – Fix duckstation memcards path setting (path was duplicated)
    – Retroarch device type injection using remaps (might consequently fix some device type injection for RetroArch cores)
    – Fix snes9x features (audio interpolation values)
    – Fix yuzu renderer selection (was always forced to vulkan)
    – Fix yuzu motion not working
    – Fix XEMU dvd_path for newer versions
    – Fix RetroAchievements not displaying in first beta version
    – Fix monitor index and bezels for pcsx2-QT
    – Fix missing ‘disableautocontrollers’ option for Supermodel (model3)
    – Removed .zip & .7z extensions from gba2players system
    – Fix NEOCD default BIOS (CD-Z instead of UNIVERSE BIOS)
    – Fix cemu controllers (added feature to select controller type for player 1 and 2 as some games accept only 1 gamepad and some others require only pro controllers), also added options to use Real Wiimotes (with dolphinbar)

    – jaguarCD (BigPEmu)
    – Commodore PET (vice_xpet)
    – Commodore CPlus/4 (vice_xplus4)
    – cannonball (outrun libretro port)
    – wasm-4 (fantasy console)
    – Atari XE Game System (mame)
    – Coleco Adam (mame)
    – Acorn Archimedes (mame)
    – Acrorn ATOM (mame)
    – emuscv core for scv system
    – NO$GBA added to GBA system
    – Added selection of softlist, media type and machine type for MESS systems
    – libretro:parallel_n64 added to n64dd system (compatible with .ndd full NDD games only, not extensions)

    – Add features for following emulators : nosgba, RPCS3, PCSX2 (resolutions & precaching of custom textures), Teknoparrot, xemu, yuzu, dolphin-triforce, dolphin, xenia (language), scummvm, cemu (controllers), mame standalone, bigpemu
    – Add features for following cores : pokemini, picodrive, ppsspp, prosystem, puae, potator, bsnes & bsnes_hd_beta, quasi88, prboom, px68k, craft, swanstation, mrboom, stella & stella2014, same_cdi, sameduck, RACE, 81, vecx, TGBDual, vice (all vice cores), tyrquake, desmume, melonds, opera, 4do, a5200, pcsx_rearmed, parallel_n64, mgba, atari800, crocoDS, citra, caprice32, bluemsx, desmume, desmume 2015, dosbox-pure, handy, mame2003,
    – Add feature in Yuzu, Ryujinx to invert face buttons to match XboX controller layout
    – Add custom textures feature for citra
    – Add option to rotate screen in FinalBurn cores and flycast
    – Add option to select controller type in multiple cores (advanced settings>controls)

    – bump mame to 0.253
    – bump rpcs3
    – Dolphin Load/ResourcePacks paths updated to \bios\dolphin-emu instead of \emulators\dolphin\user
    – Inject hotkeys in pcsx2 & dolphin emulators
    – Controllers injection : better detection of controller index through activation of SDL HINTs
    – Added extensions : .chd (fmtowns), .hdf (AMIGA systems), .rpk (ti99), .dsk (coco), .nib (c64)
    – Daphne : no need to use Windows Developer mode anymore for Hypseus
    – Triforce : fix constant update check for those using latest triforce emulator
    – BIOS check: bump ps3 bios check to 4.90 version, added Color Computer bioses, added apple2gs bios
    – Add RETROBAT logo to default decorations
    – Updated RetroArch recordings folder to \retrobat\records
    – Improved bezel search logic
    – Updated systems logos in RetroBat menu
    – New feature : turbo button (on FCEUMM core only for now)
    – MESS system grouping review
    – add guns option to mesen core
    – New « cheats » folder for cheats (used for RetroArch and PCSX2)
    – Bump to dokan2 for XBOX iso mount
    – new pcsx2-qt.exe compatibility (for these who want to upgrade)
    – Added retroachievements sound customization

    enjoy !


      Retrobat 5.3.0 dispo !

      – Fix ryujinx feature injection
      – Fix mame standalone ratio not working (disable keepaspectratio when ratio forced in features)
      – Fix artwork path for mame standalone to align with libretro:mame path
      – Fix bezels for libretro:dolphin wii system and put libretro:dolphin in 16/9 aspect ratio by default (for wii only)
      – Fix BigPemu template to avoid error message when running jaguarcd titles for the first time
      – Fix FBNEO hardcore retroachievements mode by disabling « allow-patched-roms » when hardcore is enabled
      – Fix dolphin gamepad button inversion missing for X and Y (only A & B were reversed)
      – Fix once and for all pcsx2 multiple screen…(cross-fingers)
      – Fix use of Gamecube adapter for dolphin standalone
      – Fix missing features for demul-old (user for gaelco)
      – set default settings in retrobat.ini in case of invalid or null value
      – Align dolphin HD texture pack with libretro:dolphin, this means the custom texture packs must be placed in \saves\gamecube\User\Load\Textures
      – Fix libretro:mame per-game button remap naming
      – Fix usage of .uae files for WinUAE
      – Align Citra-QT sdmc and nand path with libretro:citra path
      – Fix Bios check for atomiswave
      – Fix vita3k vsync feature
      – Fix missing CXBX language feature (same as XEMU)
      – Fix missing .m3u extension for Sega-CD

      – fix canonball system in ES system list (avoid duplicating « Ports » category)
      – Fix game video in grid mode too small when in gamelist
      – Fix HFSDB scraping delay issue
      – Fix music volume issue after screensaver when volume set to 0
      – Rename « Game focus » feature to « Keyboard focus » and make it available only for computer cores
      – smooth transition from splashscreen to the interface
      – Add preview images in RetroBat download store
      – Hide console when running MAME and Ryujinx

      Updates of emulators\cores
      – Bump duckstation (and addition of RetroAchievements)
      – Add mgba for gb, gbc and sgb
      – Add WinUAE also for amigacdtv
      – Bump libretro:ppsspp
      – Bump libretro:vice_xpet
      – Bump ppsspp emulator
      – Add OpenMSX for MSX & colecovision (with support of SGM roms for colecovision and MSX laserdiscs)
      – Add Zaccaria Pinball (steam only)

      New misc stuff
      – Add MSX turbo R system in MSX group
      – Add GP32 to MESS systems
      – Add gun support (1 player only) for pcsx2 and duckstation – compatible with guns that emulate mouse (e.g. wiimotes)
      – Add features for BBC Micro to select Joystick type (mame & libretro:mame)
      – Add features for TI99 (speech module and 32k ram) (mame & libretro:mame)
      – Add possibility for FmTowns to load a floppy in addition to a cdrom
      – Add ramsize feature for fmtowns (mame & libretro:mame)
      – Add -multimouse command line feature for mame standalone
      – Add option to play with more than 2 players in nosgba (3 and 4 players)
      – Added values injected in rpcs3 (exit emulator when game finishes + prevent display sleep when playing)
      – Add archimedes bios check & missing models
      – Add StOoz zone & disable fullscreen features to Teknoparrot
      – Actionmax is now a separate system (not integrated with Daphne anymore)
      – Add feature to enable discord integration (for compatible systems)
      – Add automatic controller configuration mechanism in RetroBat interface if controller is known in SDL database (NOTE! ==> this will delete your personal controller configuration in RetroBat)
      – Add mgba features
      – Add features to ryujinx and yuzu (docked mode, language…)
      – Add language feature to RPCS3
      – Add touchscreen pointer option for libretro:citra
      – Add padtokey to mugen
      – Add m3u multi-disk support to GSPlus (Apple2GS)

      Dev stuff
      – RetroBat.exe cleanup and enhancements
      – Cleanup es_padtokey file
      – Refactorization of yuzu options injection
      – Review of language detection for some standalone emulators
      – Changed method of searching EBOOT.BIN file for ps3 games


        j'avais oublié de parler de la V6 ici, tant pis, voici la v6.1 !

        Changelog V6.1.0

        - Add Othello multivision (with gearsystem)
        - Add nokia ngage with eka2l1
        - Add PSXMame for ZINC games
        - Add Ikemen-GO
        - Add gemRB engine (open-source implementation of Infinity Engine for Baldur's Gate type games)
        - Add standalone fbneo emulator for fbneo system
        - Add ability to run custom OpenBOR build (using rom filename & specific core option) : configuration is NOT automated with custom versions
        - VPinball : compatibility with version 10.8
        - Update Supermodel version
        - Magic Engine can now be downloaded from RetroBat (you still need to purchase a key to get full functionality, RetroBat does not provide it)
        - Bump RetroArch to 1.17

        - [WHEELS] First implementation : model2, model3, pcsx2, flycast (dreamcast) (currently supported wheels : Logitech G29 and experimental: G920, driving force GT and G923, Thrustmaster T300RS (gearstik only in model2 and model3))
        - [CONTROLS] Magic Engine controllers autoconfiguration
        - [CONTROLS] Add xinput driver option for MAME autoconfiguration with correct joystick orders
        - [CONTROLS] Add logic to search per-game MAME cfg files first in saves\mame\ctrlr then in bios\mame\ctrlr when using "per-game" controller profile option
        - [CONTROLS] Add option to use left analog joystick instead of dpad in SNES9X
        - [CONTROLS] Add option to disable MOUSE in libretro:mame
        - [CONTROLS] Dolphin : add management of Gamecube adapters from Raphnet and Mayflash (you need to connect gc pads in reverse order on mayflash (4 for player 1, etc.)
        - [CONTROLS] Add autoconfiguration of N64 controller from Nintendo online shop for Ares, Bizhawk, Simple64 and Rosalie's Mupen64
        - [CONTROLS] Add autoconfiguration of N64 adapters from Raphnet & Mayflash for Ares, Bizhawk, Retroarch, Simple64 and Rosalie's Mupen64
        - [CONTROLS] Cemu : add wiimote horizontal controller profile
        - [CONTROLS] Add gun option to libretro mame, mame2003_plus and mame2016 cores
        - [CONTROLS] Enable raw input driver in Retroarch if use_gun is set and multiple gun devices are connected
        - [CONTROLS] RetroArch & Flycast standalone: add individual game controller configuration for all arcade games and ability for user to manage through a file * * * * * * * * * WIKI
        - [CONTROLS] Add profile for lightgun for wii games with dolphin
        - [FEATURES] MAME : add setting skip_warnings to 1 in ui.ini file
        - [FEATURES] Add desktop resolution option to Teknopparot and Demul
        - [FEATURES] Add .chd extension for PSP system
        - [FEATURES] Add libretro-desmume features
        - [FEATURES] Add .chd extension to amigacdtv
        - [FEATURES] Add ability to run gemdos hdd images with hatarib core (using m3u and .GEM file)
        - [FEATURES] Add crosshair feature for model2
        - [FEATURES] Add 2 features in Vita3K emulator
        - [FEATURES] Add Technicolor shader in RetroArch
        - [FEATURES] Add features fo fbalpha, mame non-current cores.
        - [FEATURES] Add "-output windows" option for MAME standalone (used for mamehooks)
        - [FEATURES] Future Pinball : added camera type feature
        - [FEATURES] Supermodel : add supersampling (needs a beefy gpu !)
        - [FEATURES] Vita3k : enhancement with pref-path management, if setting your own emulator content path, RetroBat will use it, else it will use the emulator path
        - [FEATURES] Retroarch : add support for new mitm-session argument (netplay)
        - [FEATURES] Flycast (standalone) add option to use R1 and L1 instead of triggers
        - [UPDATES] Update bios\PPSSPP assets for libretro-PPSSPP core
        - [UPDATES] Update BIOS lookup and bios selection for PCSX2 (both standalone & libretro core) : bios must be placed in bios\pcsx2\bios and the list has changed
        - [UPDATES] Update BIOS lookup for psx bios (default RetroBat is now psxonpsp660.bin)
        - [UPDATES] Remove unnecessary file formats for MUGEN system

        - fix some features not correctly working in libretro ppsspp (e.g. anisotropic filtering)
        - fix exit of chihiro / cxbx
        - Vpinball & fpinball : fix .zip management
        - fix screenshots being deleted on game exit
        - fix controllers not autoconfigured with new versions of ryujinx & CEMU (ensure GUID calculation can match SDL 2.30 version with manufacturer name)
        - Fix dolphin savestates combo with non-xinput controllers
        - Fix MAME exit combo
        - Fix model2 exit combo not saving NVRAM
        - Fix supracan md5 bios check
        - Fix mono-gun games in retroarch settings when multiple guns are connected
        - disable teknoparrot update search when running from RetroBat
        - Fix bios checking engine that did not work when the path contains twice /bios
        - Remove obsolete aspect ratios for mame standalone (as these are only used in -window mode)
        - Fix screen size for hypseus on high-resolution displays
        - Fix shaders when using OpenGL driver on libretro cores that force glcore (use slang shader instead of glsl for these cores), also added ability to specify different glsl and slang shaders for a single RetroBat preset
        - Fix PPSSPP standalone autoconfiguration of controllers for non-xinput devices (attention, PPSSPP has a bug that prevents non-Xinput controllers to work when a XInput controller is connected)
        - Fix zinc start failing if controller does not have a required button
        - cemu : allow gamepad button inversion also for non-xinput controllers
        - Remove default colorization of GameBoy games with libretro:gambatte
        - Fix launch of Dolphin Triforce emulator from RetroBat menu not working
        - Fix one feature value not available anymore in new Ryujinx Avalonia UI
        - Fix pcsx2 cheats path that had too many subpaths ('cheats\pcsx2\cheats\cheats' now is 'cheats\pcsx2\cheats')
        - Fix XEMU not launching in fullscreen in some cases
        - fix duplicate features naming (e.g. beetle_psx_hw video renderer)
        - Fix retroarch 'custom' aspect ratio not applying
        - Fix Mednafen standalone controller configuration (emulator is using dinput)
        - Remove unnecessary extensions for MUGEN
        - Vita3k no detection of .m3u file in some cases

        - Fix issue of disconnection of gamepad in RetroBat interface when trying to affect controllers to users and having multiple controllers of the same type
        - Fix network icon not being removed when choosing the option to hide it
        - Fix display of gametime when duration is between 24 and 25 hours

        Dev stuff:
        - Add method to get new SDL 2.30 guid value (with CRC) (still in progress, not fully functional)
        - disable check for sinden FilterGraphWindow (camera activity) when searching for connected SindenLightguns
        - Move core/system specific remaps to remap files instead of retroarch global mapping
        - Add method to be able to manage in future game-specific options in scummvm (disabled for now)

        - New retrobat notice document


          Hello tout le monde, maj de Retrobat !

          Changelog Retrobat 6.2

          - Add sudachi & suyu support
          - Add Lime3ds support for 3ds
          - Add DevolitionX (diablo engine)
          - Add Sonic 3 AIR, sonic-mania and sonic retro (Sonic, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD) engines
          - Add pocketCDG libretro core for Karaoke system (needs mp3 + CDG files)
          - Add VC4000 system (MAME)
          - Add casio loopy (MAME) (requires bios
          - Add Aamber pegasus (MAME) (requires bios
          - Update flycast to v2.3
          - Update Ares to version 137
          - Add Demul for cave system
          - Add symbian games for EKA2L1 (games in .sis format need to be installed first in emulator
          - Add reminiscence (flashback port) - necessitates game files
          - Add Mesen for Master System, PC-Engine and Supergrafx
          - Add jgenesis multi-emulator (nes, snes, gb, gbc, mastersystem, gamegear, megadrive, segacd)
          - Update BigPemu, Cemu, Flycast & RPCS3

          - Disable "rewind" feature with ppsspp libretro core ==> the feature is incompatible and was generating black screen on many games
          - Fix libretro-ppsspp language feature
          - Fix FPinball features
          - Fix Cemu and Ryujinx autoconfig for new XBOX controllers with updated firmware
          - Fix Mame64 controller index autoconfiguration
          - Fix openBor custom version exit error message
          - Fix Mame2016 corrupted file
          - Fix Dolphin borderless fullscreen being always overwritten
          - Update MAME hash files with 0.264 files
          - Fix citra controllers autoconfiguration
          - Add option to disable controller auto-configuration to demul-old
          - Switch : fix handheld mode
          - lr-opera : fix BIOS selection
          - lr-swanstation : fix ratio setting
          - libretro-fbneo : fix overclock feature
          - MAME : do not delete default.cfg anymore
          - Fix keyboard auto-configuration for Mesen standalone
          - RPCS3 : align features with latest version from 04/05/2024

          - lr-citra : add "virtual SD card" and option to disable hardware renderer
          - lr-ppsspp : remove deprecated features
          - Add Chihiro CXBX features
          - Add pad2key to VPinball
          - RPCS3 add option to force SDL driver for Xinput controllers
          - Add shaders to Ares
          - Cemu : Add option to use XInput api for XInput controllers
          - Add ports options for MAME/MESS computers (mostly joysticks)
          - Add new games to FBNEO standalone autoconfiguration (still many to add !)
          - Add possibility to create a .gameexe file next to a windows shortcut (in windows games) to specify the game executable RetroBat should check before returning to ES
          - Add possibility to create a .uwp file next to a windows shortcut to precise the name of the UWP App that is launched with the shortcut and let RetroBat find the right executable to monitor
          - Add custom resolutions to ryujinx (0.5 and 0.Cool
          - MESS systems : Add ability to add a boot command in a .autorun file (must be placed near the game rom file with the same name)
          - DOLPHIN : add option to disable Gamecube controller when using real wiimotes (fixes control issues for games such as Goldeneye 007)
          - MAME: add -output option (windows or network)
          - Add choice of device for EKA2L1
          - OpenBOR : add possibility to run specific versions that have a different executable name than openbor.exe
          - PSXMAME - add analog to dpad option
          - Add .zip and .7z extensions to BigPEMu, Bizhawk, Dolphin, Duckstation, Jynx, Mednafen and PPSSPP
          - Add features to libretro pce, pcecd and pcfx cores (6-button pad + disable sprite limit)
          - Add Retroachievements to Flycast standalone
          - Add video driver option for BigPEmu

          - Enable disk spanning for installer
          - Add option to install dependencies in RetroBat installer


            Hello, un petite mise a jour, quelques ajouts et correctifs.

            Retrobat V6.2.1 Changelog

            - Add SINGE2 emulator for Daphne & ActionMax (SINGE games)
            - Jgenesis : use -cli executable instead of -gui
            - Updates : duckstation, Jgenesis

            - Fix "object reference not set to an instance of an object" error
            - Fix missing 'reminiscence' and 'devilutionx' rom folders
            - Fix RetroArch 'video_swap_interval' default value (was 1 instead of 0)
            - Delete ps3.keys (was assigning R1 button to middle mouse)
            - Fix TI99/4a information (year + name)
            - Fix duckstation internal postprocessing filter options
            - Fix PCSX2 mouse cursor (enable the option to set crosshairs to NONE)
            - Fix missing END in hypinput.ini
            - Fix .png extension for pico8 with retroarch

            - Renaming and reorganization of features for Mednafen
            - Citra/Lime3DS : Add screen layouts + texture filter feature
            - Add -outputs=win command line option to supermodel (for mamehooker)
            - FBNEO : add on option to use alternative gamepad indexes if a dolphinbar is connected
            - FBNEO : if controls mapping is not found for a rom in fbneo.yml, search the parent rom
            - DUCKSTATION : add option to force BIOS to use
            - BIGPEMU : add controller autoconfiguration (based on dinput)
            - SUPERMODEL : add possibility to run in borderless window instead of fullscreen (can be useful for lightgun games)

            - Add casio loopy to screenscraper
            - Maj WIKI (teknoparrot + new features)
            - Align shortcut for MESEN & Ares to take screenshots to hotkey + R3
            - Updated WIKI for symbian games
            - Align hotkey + R3 for screenshots in some emulators