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    I used to download NES and SUPER NES games on the website to play!
    When to find a game, use the first letter of the game to search,But now that ROOM has changed the way to find games, I do n’t know how to find games for NES and SUPER NES,The ROOM inside is all about introduction and downloading compressed files,I tried to download it before, but I do n’t know what it is!
    Can you tell me, when I used the first alphabet classification search game of the game, where should I find it?

    Roms of Nintendo system have been disabled since half and a year when Nintendo has sued some US website that proposed Nintendo roms
    We are working on a new system for rom to have an easy way to update set and company can request roms retirement but we have only one developper who work on his free time so that take a lot of time.