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  1. Luzemrayur
    16/04/2021 09h02
    Bullish candlesticks are an important part of the foundation of all stock charts. If you have further questions regarding a bullish candlestick actually is, you can return to one of our earlier helpful articles before moving forward. But just to reiterate what we’ve previously covered: a bullish candlestick forms when traders (also called bulls) try to push prices up. As a result, the close of the candle is higher than its opening price. They are typically either green or white on the price chart.

    The stock market is a battle between traders who are raising the price (bulls) by opening long positions or lowering the price (bears) by selling their assets. To navigate the dynamics of the market, you need to know who has the upper hand at the time that you are trading to make smarter trading decisions.

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