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henry9924661J 18/01/2005 16h00

I use Winuae, with code.
In the first 5 exterior area, i can't activate the ten generator to acess to Military Zone 1?
Because the tenth Generator is too close at obstacle.
I suppose , i acess to Mil1 Zone, a corridor, Science 4 Zone, A Corridor, ?

I Try a Dos version, but i start at Civil2 Zone, instead of crashing site of Spaceship ?
Is it a demo version ?

How to get legaly a full Dos Version, and a CD32 Version ?

Sigfrodi 18/01/2005 17h45

You can find Amiga full versions of Alien Breed TA (ADF and IPF files) on Dream17 website. Team17 has given the game to this fan site. ;) Another I forgot (shame on me) is InsertDisk2 where you can find the CAPS version of the game with manual and cover pics. ;)

For a CD32 version, as AmigaWorks has closed down, you should take a look on usenet, on alt.binaries.emulators.amiga. Sometimes CD32 isos are uploaded there. If you absolutely want a legal copy, I think the best way is to search on eBay (or other auction sites)...

henry9924661J 19/01/2005 13h36


J' essairais ces roms quand j' aurais le temps.

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