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Emulateurs Ordinateurs Un problème avec les émulateurs de vieux ordinateurs comme l'Amiga ou l'Atari ST? Venez nous en parler!

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[Demobase ST] Discovery and HELP !!!

Hi friends,

I just discovered a fanstastic program ::
I do not know if you know? It dates from 2009 and I discover that now idem with the fabulous Amiga pack of Marskilla, just discovered recently, so I looked for a simple interface / program (like the Mars pack) which centralizes the Megademos of the Atari ST and who can launch them!

Thank you Demobase St, he's doing the job !!! So centralization megademos demoscreen Atari ST, we can do research in all directions and especially we can launch the part of the demo that interests us directly with Steem (based on the principle of Snapshot Steem).

The software is very complete, we can make favorites, lists ...

To try it is to adopt it.

Almost perfect? YES BUT NO because it launches Steem Engine V3.2, it's good but that's not enough because this version of Steem does not handle the original resolution!

I would have liked to be able to associate Steem SSE (allows to launch in 320 * 200) ideal on a TV CRT or, in my case, with a terminal of arcade.

I tried, but without result, it starts well Steem SSE but the snapshot does not launch with a run directly from the interface. If I run steem apart and I slide the snapshot it works!

I am not a pro steem because a priori there is a special configuration without TOS to turn the snapshot.

What's odd is that in my many tests, this is already launched with STEEM SSE (1 time out of 50!) Without logical reason or special modifications between each test!

I posted a topic on Atari-Forum in the section GameBaseST & DemoBaseST
and I also sent an email to the designer (SkylineDave) ...
But no answer for the 2, it must be said that the program is from 2009 so good ... it's old.
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I run it fine with steem sse but you need a pc in 15k (windows XP with calamity drivers and the right modeline in arcadeosd ;-) ).

You also need to reconfigure steem.ini with the right path, and configure steem with low res options.

Hope it will help you.

PS : new release here but i don't try it yet with crt mode

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